The taste of making a business

The first Neapolitan ice cream parlours of Gelateria del Gallo are the starting point of a long chain intended to develop all over Italy and not only. Today Gelateria del Gallo is in many towns in Campania, i.e. Naples and Portici while in San Giorgio a Cremano new points of sale are going to be open.

Brand: it is the symbol of the quality of the homemade ice cream prepared with traditional wholesome products but following the modern market logic.

Plan:  The philosophy of Gelateria del Gallo is the pleasure of making a product with 100% control of the recipe, thanks to the selection of all fresh raw materials of biological quality without preservatives.

Experience: We give our franchisee our experience and philosophy through trading. He/She only has to manage the store and satisfy his/her customer’s needs.

Layout: Gelateria del Gallo parlor is a large, bright and comfortable place with a modern and stylish design. Everything is at sight and the products on display are well lit in order to highlight the colours and flavours.

Advertising: It is guaranteed by a well-established company in the world of homemade ice cream, a well-known brand all over Campania and Italy with customers already retained.

Description: the ideal location of Gelateria del Gallo is a place with a high flow of people - 50/60 square metres premises with 2 cabinets or 1 front cabinet located in the downtown or in a shopping mall.

Features: Gelateria del Gallo ice cream parlour must keep brand characteristics both for products display and place furnishing. Everything must comply with del Gallo philosophy.

Realization: After finding the premises, get all authorizations and carried out the possible renovation works, in 60 days we are able to carry out a finished plan  and hand you over the premises ready for the opening.