How to join Gelateria del Gallo’s world

Open a Gelateria del Gallo point of sale does not require a deep knowledge of the sector, rather the  awareness to invest for a very profitable turnover.
Our plan provides the chance to open several shops, in Italy and abroad and start a new activity on your own, joining a big company group at the same time.
After a first valuation of your idea about how and where open our franchise ice cream parlour and  assessed its  feasibility, we will help you to carry out your plan. We will give you the chance to check our system and visit our shops so you can spend some days in one of our stores where our experienced and skilled staff will train you and give you our know-how. After that, if you are sure and  we are sure of you, the contract will be signed and the shop opening will be planned.
To start a franchise deal means to hand over the premises “ready for use” and give the franchisee the chance to start working with a staff  already skilled and have consulting and managing support, sanitary authorization and permission, technical help,  scouting of suppliers and so on.