Nutella variegated hazelnut cream covered with caramelized almonds.


Gianduia ice cream with Piedmontese nuts, dark chocolate glaze and chopped hazelnuts.


Four ice cream flavours with torroncini (small pieces of nougat), sponge cake, chocolate slivers and little nuts.

Ricotta cheese and pear cake

Biscuit filled with cream of ricotta cheese and pear.


Profiteroles filled with cream and covered with dark chocolate.


Marsala flavoured Zabaione (egg-nog) cream with Espresso coffee soaked sponge cake covered with cocoa.

Delizia al limone

Sorrento lemon custard ice cream with a black cherry heart


Chocolate truffle and white truffle filled with coffe and cream ice cream.

Truffle pistachio

Milk cream ice cream with Bronte pistachio cream sprinkled with sugar-coated pistachios.

The philosophy of Gelateria del Gallo is the pleasure of making a product with 100% control of the recipe, thanks to the selection of all fresh raw materials of biological quality without preservatives and the research and experimentation for the creation of recipes with different flavours paying much attention to the whole process of production.
Furthermore, our pleasure is to give pleasure with our products. To make an ice cream seems to be simple, but in fact it has two problems: to achieve a whip that keeps together fats and water in a final cold product that has to be “trowelled.